Great Falls Advisors & CRE Legal Advisors*
* Great Falls Advisors ("GFA") and CRE Legal Advisors ("CRE") are captive service providers of Artemis. GFA and CRE are owned by Katie Conover and Jim Hurley, respectively, and the employees and each owner of GFA and CRE serve as officers of Artemis. Please refer to Artemis' Form ADV and applicable investment vehicle offering documents for more information about GFA, CRE and their related benefits and conflicts.
Ken Bacon
Co-Founder, RailField Partners
"Partnering with Artemis has really put us on the map! It's not just the access to capital - it's the credibility you have from being aligned with a respected name in the business. When you bid on a deal, the brokers and sellers don't view you as an inexperienced newcomer; you're viewed as a player, who can commit to a deal and deliver. That credibility, along with the resources and expertise of the Artemis team, has put us on the path to success!"